Partial Payments

Solutions (PCP), Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase products only

Depending on the type of finance agreement you have with us, you may be able to make a lump sum payment and either reduce your agreement term (Fixed Term) or on-going monthly payments (Fixed Rental).

If you wish to make a partial payment you must contact us and inform us if you want to reduce the monthly repayments or shorten the remaining term. Once the payment is made the finance Agreement will be re-calculated and confirmation will be sent in the post.

If you are in arrears, any partial payment will be used to clear that arrears debt first, then the remainder can be put against term or rental.

*When making a payment you must include either your registration number or agreement number as the payment reference

You can make as many additional partial payments of any amount you wish, as long as ŠKODA Finance has been notified verbally or in writing. Without this notification, no payment will be processed. A partial payment must be cleared funds before it can be applied to your agreement.

If you inform us you wish to make a partial payment but don’t advise your preference for reduced term or reduced rental, we will apply the partial payment to reduce your rental.



This service is currently only available to Private Individual ŠKODA Finance customers