Service and Maintenance

My vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired - what should I do?

Solutions - All work to your vehicle should be carried out by an authorised Volkswagen approved retailer.

Contract Hire - As part of the terms of your agreement your vehicle should be serviced, maintained and repaired by an approved retailer.

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Can I cancel my Fixed-Cost Maintenance (FCM) plan or Fixed-Price Service (FPS) plan?

These are two separate products and terms and conditions can vary:

FCM - Yes the plans are cancellable, however we would need 28 days notice as stated in your terms and conditions.

FPS - No, unfortunately this is a non-cancellable product.

Where do I find the details of what I am covered for on my Fixed-Cost Maintenance (FCM) or Fixed-Price Service (FPS) plan?

FCM - You will find the details of what is covered under your plan in the Drive Pack that would have been sent to you with your welcome letter at the start of your contract. Please view our Driver's Guide to find out more information concerning your agreement. If you need another copy to feel free to contact us.

FPS - Details of what’s included on your FPS plan can be found on your welcome letter that we sent you at the start of your plan. If you need another copy please feel free, to contact us via the Contact us section of this web site. 

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